Sunday, January 18, 2009

So today I found myself writing a gagillion campaign support letters. My campaign managers Owyn and Pierre (my cat and dog) thought it be best that I get in touch with the voters of Newport.

I think my hand was about ready to fall off after the 50th letter written. Were really working hard here to bring desperately needed change to Newport.

If you have any ideas or email lists please be sure to share them. Ive always said we need a directory of email addresses. With 40 cents a pop for stamps emails would sure help out a lot!

Anyway I think its time to go cuddle up on the couch. Ive made a lot of progress this weekend and next week I will be working finalizing my professional, political endorsements.


Miss ya JOJO and MEG!

Moonman Tim


  1. Hey Tim! Best of luck with your campaign!

    Thanks for the shout out. I miss you, too. Hopefully we can catch up sometime.

    So people still handwrite letters for campaigns? Is that the proper thing to do? Even if typed letters are permissable, I think that handwriting them is a nice touch; it shows people that you're willing to go the extra mile.

  2. Miss ya too! E-mail lists would sure be helpful. Make sure that you put your blog on your postcards so people check this site out. If you had enough followers here you wouldn't even need email!

  3. I was also thinking... you should put a hit counter on your blog. That way you can find out where your blog visitors are coming from... whether they are vermonters... or Koreans.... Hopefully once the people in your town find out about your blog, you should see lots more vermonters visiting your site... Just an idea to help you know if your messages are getting out to people.