Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today was the day!

OK so how pathetic am I? Yes Im political and I did not see much of the inauguration. Thomas watched every minute of it so Im getting information updates. Lets just say hes being my little Anderson cooper.

I think we both agree that Michele still looks goofey. Its hard to explain. Its also good to say that George W Ding dong is out there. He may have kept us safer however he ruined the Republican image as well as tarnished Americas at the same time.

I hope things will get better, however I feel they wont. Our state is hurting which is hurting our City here in Newport. The 179 million spent on todays partys could have been very helpful to a small State like VT heck maybe it could have bailed out 10 states. Thats a lot of money!!!! Bush got crucified for spending only 46 million on his. COME ON CNN you claim to be unbias however you all act more stubborn then BUSH sometimes haha.

Anyway its great things are changing. Lets hope they change for the better. Im still scared to death of Biden. We couldnt have chosen a better poster child for credit cards taking advantage of people then him. Maybe now hes V.P. he dosnt have to bow down to the hundreds of Banks head quartered in Delaware!

All in all it was a good day from what I saw. Now its time for everyone to get back to work and Hope for the best.



  1. And now back to you Mr. Brokraw.

  2. Did you see he's gona shut down guantanamo??? Thats the best news I've heard from the white house in 8 years... prob more.

  3. Yesterday was definitely an amazing one to watch. I do, however, have to agree with you on the price tag. There does seem to be a bit of hippocracy to it all.